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As most small engine mechanics know, removing and installing a Kawasaki governor shaft seal is a time consuming and difficult job.

Are you looking to buy the Kawasaki Oil Seal Part: 92049-7019, then you should also buy our Seal Snap tool to make your repair job a lot easier!

Our team at the Rivet Popper has created a brand new tool in which
can remove and install governor shaft seals in under 5 minutes.
The Seal Snap tool is affordable and will pay for itself after its first use.

Learn more by watching our YouTube video below!

To understand how this Seal Snap tool is used, We show you the Seal Snap tool in action in the above YouTube video and give you a rundown of how this simple, yet effective the Seal Snap tool is used. After removing the control panel and governor arm, insert the threaded end of the tool into the seal and tighten until snug, to lock the tool into place, turn roughly ⅜" to lock. Once this is complete, run the extractor bolt into the opposite end of the tool using an Allen Wrench to pop the seal out. To install a seal, make sure you grease it and use the old seal as countersink for the new one. Once this is complete, you will want to use the non-threaded end of the tool to install the new seal. Once the tool is on, you will want to use a rubber mallet to tap the seal into place, then pull the tool off and remove the old countersink seal and you're done!

The Seal Snap will replace and remove these Kawasaki parts:
Governor Shaft Seal: 92049-7019
Governor Shaft Seal: 92049-7005
Governor Shaft Seal: 92049-7003

Other Kawasaki parts related
to the govern shaft seal area.
Governor Shaft: 13107-7013
Governor Shaft: 13107-0751
Governor Arm: 49103-7004
Governor Spring: 92145-7004
Governor Spring: 39129-7004
Panel Control: 49113-7017