Quick. Easy. Dependable. Never drill a rivet again!

It works on ALL riveted snow blower paddles and snow blower scraper bars.
There is no need to buy complete Augers anymore.
The latest innovation from the Rivet Popper to save your shop time and money!

Learn more by watching our YouTube video below!

What the Rivet Popper does is it takes off all of the paddles and scraper bars off of all of the snowblowers. The way it works is basically take the tool, it works on all of the rivets which are pretty much 5/16 rivets, the tool goes right in there and pops the rivet right out. Real quick, real easy. This tool is a real time saver. You can have all of these rivets out in less than five minutes. As you can see, a lot of the replacement fasteners for this call for putting nuts and bolts back in, but with this tool, when you pop the rivets out, you can always just re-rivet it right back into place. As you can see it popped them right out of there. Very easy, here's your rivet. Works the same way for your scraper bar, the tool goes right in there, just push it down, and it pops it right out. A real time saver, works really well, and the time alone that it saves you, pays for the tool itself.